A sustainable environment is important to everyone today and at Leda we are committed to ensuring we play our part.

Continuous improvement is a key part of environmental policy and we have a number of initiatives we focus on regularly including:

  • Ensuring we source the most environmentally suitable materials for our processing
  • Ensuring all materials we use can be recycled via our internal recycling program
  • Working with suppliers to ensure our materials are manufactured in New Zealand or close to New Zealand
  • Working with staff to ensure our plastic materials are managed effectively and are disposed of without entering our national waterways
  • Ensuring that we are energy efficient with our machinery and supporting infrastructure
  • Implementing a regular maintenance program and audits to identify and resolve environmental waste, such as air leaks, heat loss and electrical inefficiencies
  • Utilising external recycling services for paper, cardboard and packaging to reduce waste going to landfill
  • Collecting 100% of our rainwater and using it as cooling in our production process
  • Working with the team to educate, develop and maintain a culture of sustainability

Operation Clean Sweep

Operation Clean Sweep is an international program designed to prevent resin nurdle loss and help keep this out of the marine environment. It has been adopted by the plastics industry and is used in more than 23 countries around the world.

Our goal: achieving zero pellet loss.

Leda is proud to be certified for Operation Clean Sweep.

Recycling Policy

Leda operates a practical reprocessing policy with all of our raw materials and finished products. This process enables all non-conforming products to be reprocessed on site and is an effective method to reduce any wastage materials entering the environment.

Your invitation

If you would like to visit our site to discuss our environmental policy then please do not hesitiate to contact us today.